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Relationship Analysis

It's not just a tool, it's a fundamentally different way to look at communities. Turn what you naturally build in your head into a shareable, optimizable graph.

in-depth user crm

See how each individual user uniquely impacts the strength of your community as a whole.

grow relationships on a per-user basis

Breakdown every user's messages, relationships, toxicity & profanity averages, churn risk, days active... Identify your community leaders.

know how your community compares

Compare you and your statistics to other communities of similar size & audience. Get bi-weekly action items to help you strengthen & grow your community.

expert analytics -> expert insights

Watch over activity, community strength, engagement ratio, bounce rates, engagements per user... we help you optimize the KPIs that matter.

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..communities like Jet's Dream World
...subreddits like r/EngineeringStudents
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