Frequently Asked Questions

What's DeepResearch & DeepALTR?

DeepResearch is a company that builds expert tools & analytics to help you build stronger communities. DeepALTR is our general-purpose analytics service and servers as the jumping off point for a variety of tools.

What can I do with ALTR?

Whether it's analyzing gross engagement & messages per hour, or examining a specific user's relationships and activity ranking - ALTR is here to provide you the tools to build and retain a strong community. We have over 20+ tools to help you optimize for the over 10 metrics we provide.

What's relationship analysis?

Visualizing the friendships of every member inside your server can be priceless information - and that's exactly what we're doing. Based on our conversation disentanglement models (think contextual chunking of messages) we can figure out who's friends with who at near-human levels at inhuman scales.

Is DeepALTR available for brands & companies?

Yep, the majority of our features are exclusive to businesses interested in cultivating a community around their platform. To get a quote for our service, join our Discord server and we'll get in touch.

When will ALTR be available on Telegram/Slack/etc.?

Depending on interest we'll accelerate integration onto specific community platforms. If you want ALTR on a specific platform, tweet at us @deepaltr or join our Discord server and let us know - will really help us know what to prioritize :)

What's your data privacy like?

Read our privacy explainer at altr.fyi/privacy (we've made it very easy to understand. When it comes to specific communities, we can increase data security even further upon request. Just let us know!

Crypto and Web3 integrations?

Soon... shhhhh

What's next?

Follow our newsletter at medium.com/deepresearch and be sure to join our Discord community at altr.fyi/support!