Support & Troubleshooting

I added it to my community, now what?

Check panel.altr.fyi and sign in there to see your dashboard and analytics! Problematic messages should also start to flow through your #altr-logging channel.

I'm not seeing my community on the panel

1. Check if you have the right permissions, you need Manage Messages in order to access your community's data.
2. Make sure you added the DeepALTR Discord bot and gave it adequate permissions.

My community says 'Not Added' even though I added it.

Check that you added the bot to the right server and that the #altr-logging channel was created. If both happened, try removing and adding the Discord bot. If all else fails, please contact us and open a support ticket on our support server.

#altr-logging doesn't work, nothing comes through there.

Well you're only going to see messages that are possibly problematic/dangerous flagged - try sending something expletive in the chat to see if it logs it. If nothing comes through after a couple minutes, make sure you didn't change the name of the channel + try removing and adding the bot again.

Why aren't there any metrics showing?

As soon as you add our bot we begin calculating data - this might take a couple days to load in substantial information from your community.

Who also has access to this data?

Anyone in your community with the Manage Messages permission can access this data by default. Let them know they can go on panel.altr.fyi too!

Still having issues?

Contact us and open a support ticket at altr.fyi/support!
We're always around to help :)